Feel It First!

Another testing book I picked up free at Asia Book bookstore (Central World, Bangkok, Thailand). Test, feel, read and judge it first by yourself, it’s a yes for me. Although I like read review from other reviewers or critics, reading and judging by myself is another thing I enjoy doing if I have chance. So here I had and took it.

This book definitely is a serious one if I decide to buy it. Just only read tiny sample book takes some time for me. Due to difficult words inside, I think for non-native English speaker like me need dictionary beside.

Firstly, came up with discussion about Utopia and Dystopia in writer’s mind. These thing leads to the novel and also other parts. Surprise for me to have this kind of thing when reading.

meaning of words 2

meaning of words 2

meaning of words

meaning of words

How do you feel about this? I feel I became student in English class again. Quite serious eh? Let see some … interesting part about this sample of The Path To Allegiant by Veronica Roth.


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