Book of celebration

December, month of celebration. Do you agree? Well, at least there is so many important day on this month (in Thailand) as I know


This could be good magazine to checkout the events that already happened or some are on the way.
It is a nice picture magazine. The concept sound interesting, but the content is still soft and the payment to subcribe is rather expensive. (I guess, due to target for event organizer not for people in general).


Moving the read

I feeling down with so many bad situations happened to me. Felt sorrow cover all my mind and heart. It became any advice from friends did not help me much. I laid on my bed, trying to find the way of ease my head and my heart. So, got the idea of cleaning. Until I cleaned my library and found book. Old book of my dad.


This is a small book that you could finished within an hour. So I read and it brighten me. Safe the day and encourage me to move on.
After finished this book, I discussed witg my dad and he gave different point of view on this book to me. It was interesting and also made me happy with life again. Welk, not extremely happy or hoyful, but good enough to look at the bright sight and try to move on again.

Bookworm = introvert?


Away from people, crowded area, aline, quiet, sitting in the corner with book. Deep into own moment is a charater of bookworm that it mays mislead people to think that bookworms are introvert. I am not deny I am introvert myself. But I saw many bookworms are quite out-going and extrovert.
It is just the way we spend time with book that need concentration. So it is a wonderful thing for us to have corner like this.

Raise up high

Things and technology change… would gives many new pictures to our society.


What do u see in this picture?
– turtoring on skytrain?
– doing home work with mom?
– preparing before head to exam room?
– just take a note?

Whatever they did, this was really new picture for me.

Words onLine

When u chat, talk, looking at picture, stroll around or using social media, how much do u use dictionary? Ummmmmm (think hard for a while)
For me not so often.



Here is the Oxford dictionary on Line Coporate. The famous application of the world just announce this sub-app for customer.
Still not sure how often I will use if I did not use to check word with my foreign friend.
Any more idea would be glad to hear.

Free in palm

Reading free is everywhere. Now that I have smartphone. So I search free book available. Although you have to have credit card to regist,  but you do not need to buy it right the way. You can read the sample for free first and decide it later.


It may not new or so popular sometimes. However, I strongly think book never out of date. If there any free way to read or interesting news about book please share

What ma name?

Name could tell many things. Especially, name of story, book or magazine. It could tell character, type or taste of reader who would read it too.


But… not quite sure about this name. Although, I read editor talk and some description of this magazine. It told that this is a lifestyle magazine with load of curosities, updates and news which teenage may like. Still not sure why “giraffe”?

Book vs. Movie

Although I like reading book, sometimes I found movie is more enjoyable than read book version.
Ex. I like watched Charlies and chocolate factory more than read book. But, I like reading classic story that Disney has been adapted and same with biography or non fiction story more than watch movie. Probably it is about perception and image u create in your head too.


Hollywood would make almost anything, but sometimes they need help which big thing they need is good story. So where is the best place to find? Definitely from book, right?

Big supporter

Couple months ago, went to Ratchaburi. This land is famous for big water jar. The old factory might be Tao Hong Tai ceramic factory. So,how could I miss D Kunts art gallery when I heard so much of this place and the third generation owner?


It was like a land of pop art gallery plus factory. I saw some parts and signs said this place support intern and kids to work and practice in art.
Luckily, we got chance to meet and to talk with the owner, Khun Ting, so many interesting ideas from him. Also, gave us 2 books


This one is about his project of supporting art in Ratchaburi. So many inspiring people and expressed his good intension to homeland.


Following with this red book about art around you. Purify the soul and not that far from daily life.
They were not professional printing, some error on copy and spelling, but still feel good indeed.