Big supporter

Couple months ago, went to Ratchaburi. This land is famous for big water jar. The old factory might be Tao Hong Tai ceramic factory. So,how could I miss D Kunts art gallery when I heard so much of this place and the third generation owner?


It was like a land of pop art gallery plus factory. I saw some parts and signs said this place support intern and kids to work and practice in art.
Luckily, we got chance to meet and to talk with the owner, Khun Ting, so many interesting ideas from him. Also, gave us 2 books


This one is about his project of supporting art in Ratchaburi. So many inspiring people and expressed his good intension to homeland.


Following with this red book about art around you. Purify the soul and not that far from daily life.
They were not professional printing, some error on copy and spelling, but still feel good indeed.


I eat the dream!

Spanish food is one of my favorite food. Unfortunately, it is not popular in Thailand. I found one place. Look nice, comfy sofa, friendly waiter and waitress, also decorated with spanish flags and football heroes.
How’s the food? Alright, not as good as I tried at Palma Majorka. While I thoght I gonna complaining about the food with my sis, I saw..this


The drink and nice big hard cover of Don xihote. So, I stop my mouth. Started to dream the travel and a wanderful trip to Spain instead.
At to this point, I think we may need a dream because it brings hope and positive side to our lives. Thanks to the book for teaching me how to eat and drink a dream.

Book corner or library?

Yesterday was my first time to visit Thai ci-eorking space called HUBBA. A little lost with direction but arrived safely. Before the workshop start, I asked staff their about library. She gave me a puzzle look…

“What? Library?”
Me: “I saw from your website. Talking about you have library. May I see?”
Staff: “Umm… we do not have library… here is our books corner. Most of book here are business book, IT, and ftee copies…”

Then, why told everyone that has library on your website? Well, if you did mention anywhere, better tell other channels and staffs the same thing too. Anyway, see for yourselves. Whether it is a book corner or libeary…


Book by The Pool

I have seen many western movies that actors and actresses reading by the pool or on the beach. It kind of brain wash me a little that this scene is romantic.


So I tried myself. A little experiment told me that I, personally, do not like this way. Well it’s good to breath fresh air and listen to blowing wind while reading story. However, I do not like when it was to shinny. The reflect was too much for my eyes. If the sunlight is soft, I think it waa fine.

Real Life Princesses

Fairy tales, Disney and some other of princess’ stories we heard since we were little is what we get the image of princess in reality too.


These are princess in real world (from Dont magazine). Some beautiful, some has many quite powerful stories, some be loved and some hated.
I just saw movie about Princess Dianna. I know they did not present all the truth, but still strongly feel that all real princess has been in a spotlight all the time. It would not feel so lovely and sweet as fairy tale. Also could not be loved by all people too.

Inspring Travel Novel

When I was master degree student, I used to travel with my sister and we both agreed that we will follow the path of novel or writer birthplace.


Never thought of TV programme would do this kind of travel too. This one was a travel programme according to one novel and would travel by train. Sound so romantic.

Interests Hidden

The biggest event right now (in Bangkok) could be Bangkok Commiccon where geeks and those who like series + comics having good time. This interest and hobby could draw people together as we normally called set the group of subculture. Do you know there are much more subculture hidden inThailand?


Thanks BK Magazine for revealing subcultures that hidden in Bangkok. Some, like swing dancing group, is exist in Thai society.
Personally, I like reading about subculture. It could tell many things about human and also it could be a very useful hobby too.

Start Up Space

I heard this idea of co-working space for many years. For Thailand it just popular a couple years ago and might just had in Bangkok and Chiangmai.


In my opinion, there were so many innovative ideas happening everyday and people might seek more freedom in their life. Also a community for those who has same interest.