Words onLine

When u chat, talk, looking at picture, stroll around or using social media, how much do u use dictionary? Ummmmmm (think hard for a while)
For me not so often.



Here is the Oxford dictionary on Line Coporate. The famous application of the world just announce this sub-app for customer.
Still not sure how often I will use if I did not use to check word with my foreign friend.
Any more idea would be glad to hear.


Shoo shoo library

Shooo shoooo… all aboard… wait for me!
Hello everyone. Welcome on board to the special trip to Hua Hin. Please do not use toilet while the train stop at the station. Show the ticket to officer. Drink and food will be serve in shortly. You can enjoy using wifi or little library.


Yes this is a special train for laid back or some who like travel by train. More grand  with kids and library corner.
Thank you for your attention and I wish you join our reading next time.

Book corner or library?

Yesterday was my first time to visit Thai ci-eorking space called HUBBA. A little lost with direction but arrived safely. Before the workshop start, I asked staff their about library. She gave me a puzzle look…

“What? Library?”
Me: “I saw from your website. Talking about you have library. May I see?”
Staff: “Umm… we do not have library… here is our books corner. Most of book here are business book, IT, and ftee copies…”

Then, why told everyone that has library on your website? Well, if you did mention anywhere, better tell other channels and staffs the same thing too. Anyway, see for yourselves. Whether it is a book corner or libeary…


0 book library

What do you picture when I say ‘library’? For myself would be tons of book, shelves, librarian behind the desk, etc. What about library that has no book at all?


This is library in US, the first that has no book at all, but replace with all electronic stuffs. Means e-books and read by computer, taplet, mobile, ipad instead.
Good things about this library might be friendly for those allegic to dust. Also, those who like programing or good at computer might have another path to choose as their career.

AEC Library

It’s been alert about AEC in Thailand for a year and a half now. Many knows very little of it. Here they promote and try to provide good information that looks nice at the same time to citizen.


This is an electronic library or digital library that containing resource about AEC and it located in Bangkok. Many questions in my head again.
1. Why library?
2. Only in Bangkok? And expecting every citizen understand about AEC?
3. Why digital? Any handbook for those who’s not familiar with IT stuffs?
I did not oppose. Please, dont get me wrong. I like library, whether normal or digital one. But still cannot find answer for those questions.


I admit I am not a clever girl, but with my effort and willing to try I would say it is one of my gift.
3 years in digital world is a journey that I would treasure for life time.


There was no lesson of digital market or digital copywriting when I started this career. Here the notebook I have collect those knowledge and many more I carried as my experience. Thank u and there will be more

When I wear this to library

Yesterday, after finished duty in the morning, I went to library in dress. It was not a short dress, but felt uncomfortable to move around. I do not know about guy. I think they might be not so fussy as women. So, here are what I experienced of dressing uncomfortable into library.


Credit: flickr & pinterest

1. Dress or skirt: even it is not short, still need to take time and sit properly before finding book from the lowest shelves. I think long dresses might be better.
2. Wide and v shape t-shirt: bending to pick up something
3. Tight dress, shirt, skirt: cannot breath properly
4. High heels: it help reaching for higher shelves, but should be painful to stand and search for book for long time.
I did not say that librarian does not allow to wear all I just said, but only my experience of those uncomfortable cloth.

Search Dream Path

“The person who has never failed, is the person who does nothing.”

Dream is all what human want to reach. The risk is it would hurt. So, it fit well with the quote and also this person biography too.


Krating is Thai people who searching for his dream and get a chance to joined one of the biggest cimpany in the world (Google). However, it was not enough! Which inside this book told the experience and what he gad been through. Definitely, come to this far would not be a smooth path. It was rough, crawling, crying, and hurting so many times.
Again, the quote proved it is right that we should have courage and keep searching, bo matter what affect you. They are all benefit you can gain in life.

Reading Station

Free download or free magazine are all over Bangkok. To encourage and build reading environment to society and also country.


Here is what I saw on BTS or skytrain station. It was e-books to download for free. I heard such kind of thing happened for a while in subway of New York. It called subway library.
Although on BTS station available just self-help, self-improvement, Bhudhism… but it is a good start and wish to see more genre in the future.