Free in palm

Reading free is everywhere. Now that I have smartphone. So I search free book available. Although you have to have credit card to regist,  but you do not need to buy it right the way. You can read the sample for free first and decide it later.


It may not new or so popular sometimes. However, I strongly think book never out of date. If there any free way to read or interesting news about book please share


CEO Bookshop

There are many kind of bookshop in this world, but I just heard CEO bookshop for the first time.


This place is a co-working space, then they put on little business such as bookshop inside the same place as well. One of the place I should visit.

Interestingly Free

Magazine often has free stuffs, such as lipstick, bag, T-shirt, etc. When I went to Kinokuniya bookstore, I always like to have a look at discount counter. There always full of japanese magazine (which I could not read).


Normally, there were free bog in a box, but these I found a very interesting free stuff, which was cloth. This cloth is for cover, more like blanket with a cute design. I heard year ago (approximately), this kind of blanket was very popular. Teen in Japan wore this as accessary and also cosply too. How others? Found anything free and interesting like this too?

Fashion Artist Bookshop

I always like to visit special bookshop whenever, wherever I have chance. To see different kind of book although I do not understand that kind of subject at all. They excited me.


This is a bookshop about art, design and fashion. Guess who is the owner of it? Well, I will tell you. The owner of this bookshop is Armani. Yep, the same name as big brand you may heard. This bookshop become one of the place that draw new faces of fashion or should say a tiny community of fashion where people who love art of fabric together.

Fancy Me

Phrase Book is a kind of book I will looking for when I start learning new language. Normally, they look like dictionary or mini pocket book.


What about this one? The fancy one. Well, I admited it caught my eyes. Look so nice and classy. For myself, cover is like image or appearance of people. Look pretty? Then you’ve got good first impression. I didn’t mean it is everything, but might help get attention from reader

Quiet Zone Calling

Where do you usually read, do homework, escape from chaos world or just chill? Iet me guess for your answers…. library? Cafe’? food court? Home? Yeah… these might be the normal place I think of quiet place to read, study, and chill as well. What about these 2 things in the picture?


The top of this picture is university student sit on a bench in department store to study (I guess for his exam) at 8.30 a.m. of one day. For the second picture at the bottom is an event of one product in the same place (just different level). Those picture urged me with questions. Why student want to study in such environment? Why not study somewhere else? Why so many events and campaigns everywhere you go? And where is the quiet place in Bangkok?
Let try to answer step by step. Student did not read at home = probably too much tempting things draw concentration out. Not library = environment could be too stress, not friendly. Not cafe’ = too busy with tutoring group. With all these thought came to solution = department store.
Many events = easy to recognize + get attention + fun + excitement.
I did not say all those things are totally bad. But… would it be different to see more friendly environment to read, study or chill. Some place where quiet and friendly enough for all those purpose we already discussed.

Indie cafe’ @ Phuket

Still in Phuket, where the charm was not just a beach or sea. Last time I told that there were many interesting thing in the old town or Chino-Portuguese town. So today may I present indie cafe’ to all of u.

First and the major cafe where I want everybody to visit was Bo(ok)hemian Art House


This place decorated very simple,in vintage style. Coffee was good, but what I like more in this place was old books and old film. It sold old and classic film. Most important there were magazine and books as really first edition, local poet and short stories and Thai translation of noble prize book too. Amazing!!!! Noble Prize book is really hard to find in Thailand. So I had one local book from this cafe’.

Another was cafe’ with vintage style. This cafe’ called Pirera What make this place special is it used to be one of a supplied mine company.

What a place bookworm like me to enjoy. 🙂 ★ ♡♥

Parker the Hero

What are the important tools for writer. You can list until you fall asleep.

One of the hero who may not originally inventing this tool. But important in term of make person who use this tool look cool. This person is Mr. Parker. Don’t confuse with Peter Paker, the spiderman.


Mr. Paker that I mentioned is the one who owned the famous pen of the work. Parker pen. Still its is a big name and who use it considered quite good status and famous. The design and image is quite formal that teens today might say it is old-fadhion.

Any way the writer cannot be writer without a good tool like pen. Am I right?

In sight!

Each bookshop, not only big chain bookshop but also small and independent one, has it own character. Everytime I find new brand, new bookshop is like discover beautiful gems or new species of animal. That excited me!

Normally bookshop has a little dull or classic and vintage theme. But some has a little more modern and light.


This shop has almost every famous magazine around the world. Some newspaper, puzzle books and kid book available too. Since this bookshop is in community mall and near foreign family in Bangkok live.
It quite quiet bookshop, but as main product is magazine. It should be easier to sell and attract people passing by.
I recommend if you live around Park Lane Ekkamai, buy one magazine from this shop and walk a little (inside this community mall) to True Cafe’. Read and relax with cup of coffee.

Have a nice and peaceful weekend everyone.