Big supporter

Couple months ago, went to Ratchaburi. This land is famous for big water jar. The old factory might be Tao Hong Tai ceramic factory. So,how could I miss D Kunts art gallery when I heard so much of this place and the third generation owner?


It was like a land of pop art gallery plus factory. I saw some parts and signs said this place support intern and kids to work and practice in art.
Luckily, we got chance to meet and to talk with the owner, Khun Ting, so many interesting ideas from him. Also, gave us 2 books


This one is about his project of supporting art in Ratchaburi. So many inspiring people and expressed his good intension to homeland.


Following with this red book about art around you. Purify the soul and not that far from daily life.
They were not professional printing, some error on copy and spelling, but still feel good indeed.


Book corner or library?

Yesterday was my first time to visit Thai ci-eorking space called HUBBA. A little lost with direction but arrived safely. Before the workshop start, I asked staff their about library. She gave me a puzzle look…

“What? Library?”
Me: “I saw from your website. Talking about you have library. May I see?”
Staff: “Umm… we do not have library… here is our books corner. Most of book here are business book, IT, and ftee copies…”

Then, why told everyone that has library on your website? Well, if you did mention anywhere, better tell other channels and staffs the same thing too. Anyway, see for yourselves. Whether it is a book corner or libeary…


Read For Pets

Who are the pets lover around here? Have you ever thought of reading for your pets? I like animal, but never thought of reading for them at all.


Here is a news about reading to your own pet. Started by a boy waiting for his mom at work place. Do he read for his cat. It became popular and big campaign spearding around. Even publishers printed books for pets. Well, do not know the psychlogical behind this hobby, but at least it is another way to persuade kids to read, I think.

Cartoon Cafe’

Cafe’ become normal that everyone familiar with. Trend that more popular in Thailand and probably around the world is cartoon cafe’. The idea is to use comic or cartoon character as a theme of cafe’.


Here I think is another comic character from Japan. Very cute and friendly decoration, but coffee is expensive (with a charge without telling in the menu too). They have stationary, cake and beverage at Mercurry Vielle.
It is nice to have character to brighten the mall, but no more for me with the charge (just only this cafe’)

Beat My Own Limit

This pass week, I promise to myself to do more what are good for me and my family everyday. Such as cleaning, watering garden, research on what I want to do in the future and definitely read more.


Her are what I read. I learned so many things about this challenge to myself. For example I read such varieties things, I capable of doing many stuffs and value yourself and the person you care more too.

Dhalaa Cafe

To begin you week… well I could say it is not easy for me. I do try hard to be energetic and keep fresh every week. Wake up early, listen to light song, read funny story, or even wear bright cloth.
Another place that may give energy before begin my work is cafe’ and this is the new place right under my office building.


Very small cafe’, lot of sweet and food, also coffee and books to enjoy. Owner is very friend and talkative too.

Simply thing that make me smile, is all I want to start the day with refresh mind.

Quiet Zone Calling

Where do you usually read, do homework, escape from chaos world or just chill? Iet me guess for your answers…. library? Cafe’? food court? Home? Yeah… these might be the normal place I think of quiet place to read, study, and chill as well. What about these 2 things in the picture?


The top of this picture is university student sit on a bench in department store to study (I guess for his exam) at 8.30 a.m. of one day. For the second picture at the bottom is an event of one product in the same place (just different level). Those picture urged me with questions. Why student want to study in such environment? Why not study somewhere else? Why so many events and campaigns everywhere you go? And where is the quiet place in Bangkok?
Let try to answer step by step. Student did not read at home = probably too much tempting things draw concentration out. Not library = environment could be too stress, not friendly. Not cafe’ = too busy with tutoring group. With all these thought came to solution = department store.
Many events = easy to recognize + get attention + fun + excitement.
I did not say all those things are totally bad. But… would it be different to see more friendly environment to read, study or chill. Some place where quiet and friendly enough for all those purpose we already discussed.

Imported Bear

“Want we gonna eat?” is such a boring and also undeniable question in our family life. Sometimes we have to search and argue a lot before we settle and have lunch. Last Sinday we found new cafe at Thonglor. So we decided to try.


This was Mr.Bean Cafe. With red roof and cute drawing cartoon of Mr.Bean and his bear.
Decorate inLondon style. Not a big cafe, but small with quite quiet place, so you could see many people carry laptop to work.


Thay also had souvenirs. They were creative and cute, but very expensive. Food was alright. Personally, I did not like the service. Slow and not really helpful.
I think it better for drink and quiet outdoor workspace.Oh! Also photo shooting too.