When I wear this to library

Yesterday, after finished duty in the morning, I went to library in dress. It was not a short dress, but felt uncomfortable to move around. I do not know about guy. I think they might be not so fussy as women. So, here are what I experienced of dressing uncomfortable into library.


Credit: flickr & pinterest

1. Dress or skirt: even it is not short, still need to take time and sit properly before finding book from the lowest shelves. I think long dresses might be better.
2. Wide and v shape t-shirt: bending to pick up something
3. Tight dress, shirt, skirt: cannot breath properly
4. High heels: it help reaching for higher shelves, but should be painful to stand and search for book for long time.
I did not say that librarian does not allow to wear all I just said, but only my experience of those uncomfortable cloth.


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