Same Old Brand New Free

I used to just pick up the magazine and start reading the content without having a glance at editor note or creator page. I accepted thay I thought one name of magazine or free copy equal a single publishing company.


When I first read editor page (because I want to know who write and who did the artwork), I realized that there were manu magazine and free copy come from the same publishing company.

Above is a good example of free copies that produced by same publishing company name GM Group. More surprise for me is the company did not create the same kind of free copy, but so varieties. The one I would say it surprise me the most might be the first at the left hand side (M square). It is a free copy about codominium which this topic is quite in the interest of Bangkokian at the moment.

There are many more magazines from GM Group and I do not thing team is going to stop. I wish and look forward to reading more.


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