Respect The Smile

When you see actor actress or those stars on TV, so many ideas and comments running in your head, right? Yes, same as mine. Forst time I saw girl name C, Chatpavee, I thought she is cute and beautiful. However, I do not like her presenting on TV show. Society named her Princess of IT (in Thailand), but mine mind doubt how she become princess of IT if she has so tiny knowledge of this area. Also many more negative views from others.


As my normal habit, I picked up free copies and found this magazine called O-Kard(means chance). The cover story is about her, so I read. I do not know how sincere she said, but I know only she would take any good chance that come to her life and accept both good and bad comments with her smile.
It does not mean these people never face problem, but strong enough to smile and move on.


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