Thought From Steps

Haruki Murakami, one of the big name in this era for asian writer. He was praised and was nominied to Noble Prize several times. Also, highly critizied from many people on quirky writing style. I read “Nowegian Wood” and “Kafka On The Shore”, both… I was not quite like them. I cannot say I hate the style, some point sound interesting but some I did not get it.
I found a book “Talking About Running” a story or should say a diary about his experience for marathon running. Some say, to know and to understand more about writer style, you should read about thier biography. Well, why not try read his idea, to know his thought through his own experience.

After finished. I could not say I toltally understand his mind nor his style more. What I know is his passion, delligent and dicipline. When he set his mind on anything, he fight to get it. Most of all he has got good wife as a great supporter.
I might read some other work from him and tell whether I like his style more or not.


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