From Paper To Playful Land

Trying something so hard, that must have a purpose behind those afford. What I wanna say is that all people do something, has some desire what they want in return.
I got chane to travel to Khao Yai this weekend. We planned to go to winery call PB Valley, however, the first tour had to wait for another hour. We saw the map in this place said that there was a flower gallery + big garden near vineyard called The Bloom. It just 300 meters from PB Valley. We came this far, so why not visit?


When we arrived, saw the sign said “The Bloom by TV Plu” which recalled the magazine named “TV Plu” to me. I read brochure while I exploring around this colorful place and found that the owner is the same as magazine I think. The owner is a small woman who did create this gossip+celebrity magazine for along time. I once watched her interview that she start TV Plu from a stack (black & white) of paper to a well known magazine. She became so powerful in Thai entertainment.
For this flower gallery, it is huge and also room, resort are included. Concert area could be seen too.
I salute and give a lot of respect for her hardwork and her afford.


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