Quiet Zone Calling

Where do you usually read, do homework, escape from chaos world or just chill? Iet me guess for your answers…. library? Cafe’? food court? Home? Yeah… these might be the normal place I think of quiet place to read, study, and chill as well. What about these 2 things in the picture?


The top of this picture is university student sit on a bench in department store to study (I guess for his exam) at 8.30 a.m. of one day. For the second picture at the bottom is an event of one product in the same place (just different level). Those picture urged me with questions. Why student want to study in such environment? Why not study somewhere else? Why so many events and campaigns everywhere you go? And where is the quiet place in Bangkok?
Let try to answer step by step. Student did not read at home = probably too much tempting things draw concentration out. Not library = environment could be too stress, not friendly. Not cafe’ = too busy with tutoring group. With all these thought came to solution = department store.
Many events = easy to recognize + get attention + fun + excitement.
I did not say all those things are totally bad. But… would it be different to see more friendly environment to read, study or chill. Some place where quiet and friendly enough for all those purpose we already discussed.


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