In Love In Myths

Say hi woth love in the air month. Hope everyone got a lovely day. So may I asks everyone as a non expert of this kind. What is love? This 4 letters, 1 syllable, one word, but so many definitions in dictionary and different depends on each person.


This person might be a person who fell in love with greek language. As he did not major greek at all. He said he read a lot of philosophy and the thought from big name of greek like Aristotle and Socretes. He read it when he was just early teen and grew up with doubt that why no one translate others. As he love so much of the myths from greek, he dip himself into ancient greek language and start translate greek into Thai ever since.
I may not know what love is and could not say wisely about love, but one tjing I know about this mysterious word is it lead to many good things in this world. At least it brought such a talent person like this guy to do a valuable job.


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