To Be With Yourself

I’m a person who born in a big city. As you can imagine about how busy and crazy to live in big city, right? So, let me ask you with tjis question. Where would you like to go when you wanna be with youself? I know it could be many place. As for this question pluses my interested in books, it created another hobby for me. That hobby is searching new cafe’, library, restaurant and bookshop.
Now I would say abot the first one, which is cafe’. It became popular place for new generation in Thailand. You can see they grew many numbers in a year. They have been used for several purposes that you may not expected to see. For me? It is a peaceful place I escape and enjoy being with myself.


Here is what I found near the office. The Starbucks. Stand alone, not inside the building. It looks and feel like home when you walk into the door. There, you can choose any corner you feel comfortable. Although there were many people in the cafe’, still sense the quietness. So, feel free to be with yourself in various environment.


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