Non-stop learning

Some asking me where I get such information to write article or content like that. Some also ask how do I know those story. There’s so many ways and answers for those questions. But mostly I said from books. Why not internet and google? Well, I think it’s the way I used to and it’s the way I can turn away from screen.

Next question might be… where did you get those books? Ummm… several places, cafe, magazine I bought, borrow from friend and specially from library. Don’t get me wrong, I did not go to library very often although I want to. But what I wanna say is library is very useful and you can find many kind of book you interested.


Here is library or I should say a small corner of information in my office. Luckily founders concern about knowledge all employment needs and urged us all to read. I did not start quite yet, but eyed on many of them already.

In my really first job, there did not have books corner, but when boss asked me to list magazine that might useful for searching, HR bought bookshelf for the department.

I did not say this is the best or the only way you can get the knowledge. It is just another alternative for you. As ling as you willing to find information and try, you get closer or sometimes they come to you. There is non-stop or no way out of knowledge to learn in my dictionary.


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