Indie cafe’ @ Phuket

Still in Phuket, where the charm was not just a beach or sea. Last time I told that there were many interesting thing in the old town or Chino-Portuguese town. So today may I present indie cafe’ to all of u.

First and the major cafe where I want everybody to visit was Bo(ok)hemian Art House


This place decorated very simple,in vintage style. Coffee was good, but what I like more in this place was old books and old film. It sold old and classic film. Most important there were magazine and books as really first edition, local poet and short stories and Thai translation of noble prize book too. Amazing!!!! Noble Prize book is really hard to find in Thailand. So I had one local book from this cafe’.

Another was cafe’ with vintage style. This cafe’ called Pirera What make this place special is it used to be one of a supplied mine company.

What a place bookworm like me to enjoy. 🙂 ★ ♡♥


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