Roaming around the old town

Got a chance to travel and make new friend before getting my hand into a serious tasks.

We went to Phuket, the famous tourist attraction. The first stop was the old town where travellor will see Chino-Protuguese architecture (combine chinese and protuguese together).

Those who like vintage style would enjoy this place. Why chinese and protuguese? These 2 were majority around this area in the past, but now it’s just an art + architecture that they left for us to see.
While I enjoyed walking around, I was surprised by old style printing factories here.


It rarely found in the big city like bangkok and the machine they used, still like in the past. Like I said printing factories, in pural. That meaned there were more than one, which this was even surprise me. I think local people either wanna keep or like this kind of process, so the old machine still exist here.

Would leave with yhis quote I found in front of one printing factory

Some book is good to try.
Some good for swallow and some is for chewing and nipping bit by bit.

PS. Will tell more about book world in this town for sure. Stay tune


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