Rolling in the feed

Anybody has a theme when you travel? I do have. What is thevtheme of travel? I know I know. Some just go with the tour and most of set tour company will serve you just only tourist spots. Well they are not bad and I still think it is good to visit those places once, especially when you just visit yhere for the first time.

Definitely, some who are foodies or those who truely love and enjoy eating some new taste. They want their trip to be wonderously delicious. So good food is their goal.

Michelin was interested in this group (and might found a chance to put their name to the lime light), then the company collected all yummy restaurant around the world into a nice and full of picture and words of paper which we called book.


And this little idea and normal preference created new kind of guide book. Foodies love this guide book as it provide waterly-mouthed information for them and also became a famous badge to the place that gain the place in this book too.

Having theme for your trip might be fun and let you explore something new too. Why not try eating or food theme for your next trip? But you need to be careful not too over eating then 😉


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