Some scary pleasure?

What do u think when someone talk about funeral? Not present or nice to hear right?

There is a tradition in the funeral (in Thailand) that they will give free memorable book or funeral book. Sometimes it was a precious literature or good story they want to share to others, but sometimes it was a story of dear person that was just pass away.

What do u think if someone said he or she collecting funeral book? As I heard this thing, I felt a bit unconfortable. However, this might change your mind the same as it happened to me.


This man had been collecting funeral book for more than 10 years or should say for his life time. He told the magazine (Smart Finance by Post Today) that these books are valuable. Some worth more than 5000 baht!!!!

After that I searched all books I had from funeral, read and thought about it for very long time. I found they was good story. At least it told good thing that someone had done when he or she still alive.

PS. Still a little scared for me hee hee


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