My real life class

First of all, happy New Year 2014 to everyone. It is another new day, new year in our life that somebody might have long list of new year resolution. For me there is only one new year resolution for me, which is Learn Your Life.

People tell me that what’s done is done. Absolutely true. But I’am not gonna let it pass without a try to learn from them.

Every piece that is come into my life is a treasure even it was not present to think of it.

I am thinking of exprience at Luath Press at Edinburgh. It was my really first life lesson for me. Before I graduated from University of Stirling, I troed hard searching for internship with paid (at that moment I had no idea that normally interns don’t get pay). Definitely, I could not find any. I found this place and agreed to go for intern this publishing company due to it was near my sister’s flat.


Luath Press is a local and small publishing company. Located every near Edinburgh castle. I felt really lonely and alienated while I interned there. Not much communicating between collegues and boss. However, they kind enough to let me do such market planing for medical book, created press release for law and another for history of Glasglow architecture, etc.

This was my first time to see, to feel, and to experience the publishing industry. When I was finished, I felt that I was lucky that I still feel life this profession. It was like a test, but there was no fail and retake the class. If you did not like what had happened, you learn more about yourself and turn to other direction that might right for you.


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