Freedom of Reading

Have you ever thought of reading something forbidden? Have you ever tried to hack the code or block out of your way and get what you want? I am sure that many would say yes. But have you ever thought about the affect to society or wrong group get those information and do some bad thing (with and without intension to harm anybody)?


I did have this kind of thought, copy rights, all the time. I went to bacc (Bangkok Art Culture Cetre) for the exhibition named “Free Text”. I admitted that I went to get free read for my first thought.


It was not a big exhibition, just some poster and some link of free-read. Each paper has title, author and introduction. There were many topics like history, infringement, copy rights, media, publishing and art in Thai and English (more in English).

In this orange shape Earth where people could fight just only say and think differently. Shall we have a look, read, listen and try to understand other for the sake of peacefully life?

Join and tear the link to read free at BACC (national stadium BTS station) or see some other reading exhibition here…


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