Judged by its cover

‘Don’t judged a book by its cover’

A well-known metaphorical phrase telling us that we should not judge anything or anyone by seeing on appearance. Absolutely true! But appeatance is the advantage and one of book marketer should concern.


Here is Khun Berm, graphic designer, who was behind many designing processes of Thai publishing industry. He said that new book have only 2 weeks on display. After that they will be put on shelf and seen only its spine.

Which this left hard work to book’s cover. You might said or told me that there are many others way of book marketing. Yes I agreed, but doesn’t mean that we can left artwork of book cover behind. At least it is the first door to the reader whether they are target of this book or not.

I always make fun with my sister when we pick up one book to read and to find out what the story is, we said “who says book cover is not important”

PS. My little cousin is really like sparkling and pinkish things (also book) right now.


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