Pancake, cheese, and books

Still thinking of this place. Can’t help talking about tjis airport again.

My sister kept telling me about art and food at Schiphol, Amsterdam. She brainstormed mexwith dutch pancakes as I am a pancake lover.

First landed this airport, I saw the decoration of cheese kiosk is very attractive. Not the smell of cheese of course. But the design and bright yellow colour pulled my attention. Even mom whom does not like cheese said she like it. So it was time for pancake. They were mini size and for the taste, I would say alright. Nothing very special about it.

Yeah. I think I have too little time wondering around this airport. But did not forget to took some snap shot of library. Yep you read it right. I daid library in the airport

Although it was small but quite full of people using this service. Available both Enligh and Dutch books (from what I could see).

Might tell u more about yhis place or others later and soon.


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