Look up for Newcastle

Firstly, I am not a big fan of soccer or football (depend u r american or british). So when I went to Newcastle upon tyre with my beloved sisters for the first time, they brought me to see stadium and train station where there were prints of hands and feet of football stars. I looked, took photos but did not pay attention in detail.

After that trip, I re-think about this town. What is so special and what to know more about story of this town that made it so famous around the world. Some of my friend like this town due to big department store. But there were 2 things that I personally got while eyes and ears on…..

1. Angel of the north.
This name was a name of huge sculpture. Shape like human with vintage airplane wings. I know this name from my western art class. What was my impression? Not really fond of it. I rather like classic or old style if u want to say. Like this

This also was an angel in city center of Newcastle too. Blessing and beautifly stand tall for many years.

2. Earl Grey

At first I think just about tea. I know it should be somebody name. But never thought  that “Earl” is title system in England. When I studied UK history and a tea lover family allow me to know that this person was one of the first who went to India and did the tea leave trade.

That was why I tried to find and to look up on tje top of sculptures in my second visit at Newcastle.


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