The Hidden Art at the Airport

Art is everywhere like the way you see life. Sometimes you may not like or hate your life at the moment, but when you feel good, you see everything you see so beautiful. So art is another thing I enjoy like reading book. Even some type of art I could not understand (or don’t like). They give beauty, joyful, and a little history too.

At Schiphol airport (Armsterdam) like an gallery airport.

wpid-20131124_011237.jpg wpid-20131124_004454.jpg

Along the way to gate decorated with artistic lights, sculptures, or even seats in canteen.


Can you guess what this stair leading to?


It led to this mini art gallery. In this room packed with landscape picture (one type of art that Netherland famous for). What make landscape picture of this place special? It so real and you can feel like you look at 3 dimension or 3D picture. It call the intelligence of artists at that time. When you move to see picture from different side, it looks differently too.

In my opinion, perspective and the way of life is different when the situation, person, or position change too.

Thanks for art and life whether I understand or don’t get it at all. At least I will try to understand as much as I could.


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