Detective Pub?

Edinburgh is one of the place who like novel, literature and books shoud go. Not only because this place guarantee from unesco that she is a literature city, but also environment make those classic stories come to life.

My sister and I once traveled to London and set the theme for the trip (because we visited London for the third time already). Theme of that trip is follow the footsteps of our heroes (mine are writers and scientists for my sister). It became extraordinary and memorable trip for us. After that I always try to find my heroes or things I like (such as book) in each city I visit. For Edinburgh this time I accidentally passed interesting place.

This place is Conan Doyle pub around George Street of Edinbugh. Quite big pub. I did not go inside nor try any food. But it quite made my day and brought conversation between me and my sister. She told me that Conan Doyle studied and graduated from University of Edinburgh as doctor, before he moved to London and wrote the famous detective story like Sherlock Holm.

There was some other place abot Conan Doyle and other famous writer in this town. I will show more next time


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