All childhood line up

Kids line up, waiting to order an ice-cream or candy. Geek line up waiting for new product from Apple company. Fan club stay over night to watch the premium of movie they love. I think we might experience these situation in some point. Depend on the degree of craziness in you.

This is a festive time and you know what the day I am talking right now. Everywhere around the world celebrate this important day. Decorating fire, lights, christmas tree, flowers, etc. Same as here in Newcastle upon tyre. You could feel and breath Christmas theme along the street.

While I was looking around and enjoy food in Christmas market, I found this long line in front of one big department store.

It was tickling mine mind and wonder what they were looking at. When I came closer to the snowy color circle, I saw display decorated in “Little red riding hood” theme. Went for the next one was like a kind of fairy and the next was a little dwarf house in snow white story.

There were more than 7 stories all together. Kids staring closely. They would jump and touched if they could, I could feel from the reaction when parents tried to pull them off.

Well as I explained for long. I admited that I lined and watched each of this display too (but not all because there was too much people and I to go to other place). How could I resisted. All of these stories are what I grew up with and I feel connect with them.

Just a little is enough to flash back and thinking of my childhood.


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