Playground Around The Table

Dear Edinburgh,

What a place on earth! I could say it is a heaven on earth that inspired to read. I am a Thai girl. Live far away from you, but got chance to visit and know you for a while and fall in love with you. (brush)

For the bookworm like me, it is so easy to see and give millions of reasons why I like this place. So let say some reason here.

I went around the town and this town was like a playground for kids, but it was not a normal playground. How special? Well, you try to build this town as learning playground such as event and tools in museum. For my favourite corner? Of course, bookstores. Last week I visited Edinburgh and went to Waterestone bookstore and I  found this cute corner.

kids corner

kids corner

This made me almost scream in the bookstore. It so lovely and cute. You could not stop smiling. How could any children resist such colourful environment like this. Another thing that made me glee and my body warm in such cold weather all day is this

Huge Book

Huge Book

This is a book that claimed that it was the biggest book in the world. Even the content inside is so simple, but simple line and artwork is what impress me and fulfill with joy.

Oh Edinburgh, you are such a place to play around with book. This is just one example and I cannot wait to tell how cute and beautiful you are.

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